# Some Definitions

# Dashboard

The PubShare Dashboard is the area you log into to access the PubShare features. Some areas of the Dashboard are:

  • Launchpad
  • Account Settings
  • Your Purchases
  • PubShare Forums

# Immutable Settings

Settings that cannot be changed once the book, subscription product, etc. is created.

# Metadata

This is the information about a book. For example the Title and Description are considered metadata.

# PubShare Bookstore

A PubShare Bookstore is a retail ebook store running the PubShare software. PubShare Premium Members have the option of setting up and running their own bookstore. PubShare.com is considered a PubShare Bookstore.

# PubShare Premium Membership

The PubShare Premium Membership adds two features to publisher's accounts:

  1. The ability to set up and sell ebook subscriptions
  2. The ability to set up and run PubShare Bookstores