Witches of a Certain Age

Magic isn't just for the young
Witches of a Certain Age

Witches of a Certain Age

by Charlotte Henley Babb, Claire Davon, Donea Lee Weaver, Elizabeth Hosang, Eva Papier, Jena Rey, Jenise Aminoff, Kat Farrow, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, L.D.B. Taylor, Liz Pierce, Lyn Worthen, Meghan O'Hara Murray, and Wayland Smith
Published Oct 28, 2023

About this Book

60 is the new 40 and magic isn't just for the young.
In these pages, you’ll meet witches who are open about their magic and others who keep their power a closely-guarded secret. They find lost pets and lost people, break curses and hexes, and cast more than a few spells of their own.
WITCHES OF A CERTAIN AGE presents thirteen female magic-users in their prime - women who have power and both the experience and the wisdom to wield it.
Contains stories by L.D.B. Taylor, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Donea Lee Weaver, Kat Farrow, Meghan O'Hara Murray, Claire Davon, Eva Papier, Elizabeth Hosang, Charlotte Henley Babb, Wayland Smith, Jena Rey, Jenise Aminoff, and Liz Pierce. Edited by Lyn Worthen
Published by Camden Park Press
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