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by Brenda Carre, C.J. Mattison, Jessica Guernsey, Kat Farrow, L.D.B. Taylor, Leah Sage, Lyn Worthen, Michele Dean, Rebecca M. Senese, Stephannie Tallent, and Wayland Smith
Lighthearted holiday romances
Published Nov 23, 2022
by Dayle A. Dermatis
Daisy Rowe slips between the Gap in worlds….
Published Nov 18, 2022
by Alia Hess, Andre Gonzalez, David J. Schmidt, Derek Shupert, Erik Henry Vick, H.C.H. Ritz, J. L. Stowers, Jon Cronshaw, Ono Ekeh, Sandra Seymour, Steven Faramelli, TZZ Publishing, and Tim Ricketts
A great read
Published Nov 17, 2022
by Mark McClure
Duty and sacrifice on an alien world
Published Nov 5, 2022
by Annie Reed, Cate Martin, Christy Fifield, David H. Hendrickson, Diana Deverell, Jason A. Adams, Joslyn Chase, Kari Kilgore, Leah R Cutter, Michele Lang, and Steve Liskow
So Criminal, It's Good
Published Oct 24, 2022
by Angie Thompson, Courtenay Burden, Erika Mathews, Hannah Foster, Hannah Gridley, and Rebekah A. Morris
Six stories. Six Christmases. One Savior. One Small Town.
Published Oct 21, 2022
by Allisha McAdoo
A short story collection about revenge
Published Oct 16, 2022
by Cherie Mitchell, Christine Rains, Christopher D. Schmitz, Emerson Fortier, Harold Torres , Hope Bolinger, Megan Mackie, Patricia Morais, Sarina Dorie, Scott Burtness, and Sherry Thornburg
Scary Tales to Keep You Awake
Published Oct 11, 2022
by April Steenburgh, Barbara G.Tarn, Dayle A. Dermatis, Kari Kilgore, Keith Sink, Leah R Cutter, Linda Jordan, M. E. Owen, Maquel A. Jacob, Rebecca M. Senese, Sonia Orin Lyris, Tami Veldura, and Thea Hutcheson
Cutter's Final Cut: Pushing the Boudaries of Genre Fiction
Published Oct 1, 2022
by D. Esme and J. Golly
A cookbook about all kinds of cakes.
Published Sep 30, 2022