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Open Your Universe

Create a shared world and split royalties with authors who write stories in your universe.

Collaborative Publishing
Used to split the royalties.
Shared World Series
Assigns books to your world.

Shared World Benefits

  • Total Control

    You decide the royalty split. You provide your own contract. You add the projects to your world. It's your property—you decide how you want run things.

  • Ebooks and Print

    You can publish ebooks, paperbacks, and hardcovers. You decide which sales channels to publish on. PubShare has many places you can publish!

  • Collaborative Projects

    With Shares Worlds, you are utilizing the power of PubShare's Collaborative Publishing.

  • Sales World Page

    Each book in your shared world appears on your shared world's sales page. coming soon.

PubShare does not provide any form of agreement between the owner of a shared world and the authors writing in the world. You must handle this outside PubShare. Each Collaborative Project within PubShare has an agreement each participant in the project must agree to before the project can be published. This agreement stipulates the royalty split each participant receives.

PubShare pays 90% of all income received for a collaborative project to the participants.

Some math ... let's say a sale of a project occurs at Amazon for $10.00 USD. Amazon pays PubShare about $7.00 (assuming 70%). PubShare keeps 70 cents and distributes $6.30 to the participants.

Questions You Should Think About

If you're considering running a shared world, here are a few questions you should think about.

How do potential authors find out about your shared world?

PubShare does not know or advertise the fact you are seeking authors. You can use your blog, social media, industry contacts, etc., to spread the word.

How should authors contact you about writing in your world?

This happens outside PubShare and you should think through how you will be organizing this. Do you use email? Do you save the emails? What is your standard writeup to give to authors interested in your shared world?

What will be the royalty split?

This needs to be defined before authors contact you. The royalty split should be part of your contract with the authors. Keep in mind the royalty split can vary from book to book, but cannot change at PubShare once the book is published.

How will you approve books in your world?

Do you read each book before it’s published or do you trust each author’s writing and editing, and just accept anything they want to publish in your world? Or are you somewhere between? Is this something you have in your contract with the author?

Who is responsible for cover creation and branding?

What type of branding are you doing on covers of books in your world? Are you providing the covers, an artist, or the author? Is there an approval process for covers?

Who is responsible for ebook formatting and creation?

Is each author responsible for formatting and creating the ebooks, or is this something you are doing? Will there be different epubs for each vendor?

Who is responsible for print manuscript and cover creation?

Same questions about formatting and cover creation for the print version.

Will there be common back matter for books in your world?

Regardless of who creates and formats the books, will there be a standard set of pages in the back matter? Links to other books in your world? This is a great place to provide information about your shared world.

Who is responsible for uploading and creating the meta data at

Will you be creating the collaborative project at, inviting the author to participate in the project, uploading the version for each sales channel, setting the meta data, and clicking the publish button? Or will this be the author’s responsibility?

Even if it’s the author’s responsibility to handle the publishing process at PubShare, you may want the author to give you management access to the project. This gives you the ability to go in and tweak things if needed.

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