Cutter's Final Cut: Pushing the Boudaries of Genre Fiction


by April Steenburgh, Barbara G.Tarn, Dayle A. Dermatis, Kari Kilgore, Keith Sink, Leah R Cutter, Linda Jordan, M. E. Owen, Maquel A. Jacob, Rebecca M. Senese, Sonia Orin Lyris, Tami Veldura, and Thea Hutcheson
Published Oct 1, 2022

About this Book

Witches. Who doesn’t need more witches in their life?

These pages contain stories of witches, big and small.

There to save a baby’s life. Or perhaps a town. Or searching for a helping hand, a friend, or even a very special book.

If you’re looking for upbeat, contemporary stories with just that little bit of extra sparkle, you need this anthology!

Issue Four of Cutter’s Final Cut: dedicated to pushing the boundaries of genre fiction.

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Published by Knotted Road Press
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