Wings of Change

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Wings of Change

Wings of Change

by Angela Penrose, Anj Dockrey, Annie Reed, C. M. Brennan, C.H. Hung, Claire Davon, David H. Hendrickson, Deanna Baran, Deb Logan, Douglas Smith, E.P. Fitzgerald, Edward Ahern, Grayson Towler, Jamie Aldis, Jana S. Brown, Jodi L Milner, Jonathon Mast, Joni...
Published Oct 28, 2023

About this Book

Here be dragons… Dragons of all shapes and sizes, Dragons of legend, myth, and dream… Dragons that soar on wings of change. Will you dare to fly with them?


Tales of wise, ancient dragons hoarding treasure, terrorizing villages, and doing battle with noble heroes have long fascinated us. But dragons were not born old and wise, nor were heroes born brave and noble.

Wings of Change gathers tales of young dragons growing into their scales and claws, and human youths making choices that shape their destinies – destinies that will be forever changed by their interaction with the dragons that share their world.

Published by Camden Park Press
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