Were-Creatures & Conundrums

Explore the fantasic shifts of Were-Creatures & Conundrums!
Were-Creatures & Conundrums

Were-Creatures & Conundrums

by Annie Reed, Bonnie Elizabeth, Debbie Mumford, Jamie Ferguson, Kari Kilgore, Leah R Cutter, Mark Leslie, and Rebecca M. Senese
Published Apr 6, 2024

About this Book

Enjoy the urban fantasy stories of the Uncollected Anthology: Were-Creatures & Conundrums now together in this collection.

Find your missing fiancé and beware of secrets. Avoid waking in the snow or fight for vengeance. Deal with a disastrous shifting ritual, discover the mysteries in a house, or find the right shoes.

Explore the Uncollected Anthology with Were-Creatures & Conundrums!

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