Wandering Monsters

Boundary Shock Quarterly 016

Monsters are out there...
Wandering Monsters

Wandering Monsters

by Blaze Ward, Bonnie Elizabeth, Charles Eugene Anderson, David Bruns, Joel Ewy, Keith Sink, Kristine Smith, Leah Cutter, M. E. Owen, Michael Warren Lucas, Richard Ed. Jones, Rob Vagle, Ron Collins, Tami Veldura, and Voss Foster
Published Oct 2, 2021

About this Book

Kaiju and blobs and science gone wrong. Monsters from deep space come to destroy us all or the ones quietly hiding below as colonists and Terraformers arrive.
Come explore heroes and horror with fifteen new takes on the things that you might find out there. 
Or that might come find you.
Published by Knotted Road Press, Inc.
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