Trial By Fire

In the high-stakes world of experimental fighter jets...
Trial By Fire

Trial By Fire

by Chuck Anderson
Published May 21, 2024

About this Book

In the high-stakes world of experimental fighter jets, only the elite survive. Lieutenant Peng Keppa is the Alliance's hotshot pilot, tasked with taming the volatile new Skydemon stealth interceptor. But when the jet's deadly prototype claims one of his comrades, Keppa must overcome his doubts to master the Skydemon's cutting-edge systems...or be its next victim.

His skills are pushed to their limits when renegade Coalition stealth drones accidentally target the coastal city of Cape Town. With only an unarmed prototype at his disposal, Keppa must take the fight directly to the unmanned bombers and their elite fighter escorts through sheer audacity. What ensues is a harrowing aerial tour-de-force that will ensure Keppa's place in the history books - if he can survive.

Forged in the crucible of that trial by fire, the Skydemon program accelerates as the two superpowers careen toward all-out war. Peng Keppa will take the pinnacle of aircraft design to the bleeding edge of what's possible, risking everything to defend his homeland and protect his family's future.

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