Tomorrow's Crimes

Where will it strike tomorrow?
Tomorrow's Crimes

Tomorrow's Crimes

by Annie Reed, April Steenburgh, Blaze Ward, Brian Scott Pauls, Chuck Anderson, Joel Ewy, Kristine Smith, M. E. Owen, Maquel A. Jacob, Noam Bergman, Philip Kosnett, Pierino Gattei, Richard Ed. Jones, Sonia Orin Lyris, and Tami Veldura
Published Apr 2, 2024

About this Book

The future will not always be shining and bright. Crime will be there. What form will it take?
"Tomorrow's Crimes"looks at what the mystery genre will be like when the sky and the stars are the limit.
Fourteen stories, including "The Blood-Red Leaves of Autumn" by Annie Reed, as originally seen in Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem Issue 9 and the 2024 Year's Best Mysteries.
Come see what tomorrow will bring.
Published by Knotted Road Press, Inc.
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