Throne of Shadows: The Traitor Revealed, Book 2

The Traitor Revealed, Book 2

Loth the Unworthy The Traitor Revealed
Throne of Shadows: The Traitor Revealed, Book 2

Throne of Shadows: The Traitor Revealed, Book 2

by Charles Eugene Anderson
Published Sep 2, 2023

About this Book

As a ruthless sorceress-queen tightens her grip on the oppressed kingdom of Vendhya, a lone hero rises to challenge her tyranny. Falsely accused of treason, the barbarian warrior Loth is exiled by Queen Valeria, whose reign of terror is maintained through dark magic and an iron fist. But when Loth returns determined to overthrow Valeria with allies at his side, the queen will stop at nothing to destroy the man who threatens her power. Plunged into a dangerous quest, Loth and his companions - the archer Subotai and the wizard Azax - brave lethal traps, elite guards, and Valeria's mystical enchantments. Their journey will take them deep into forgotten ruins and the snow-capped Blackpeak Mountains as they seek the Glaive of Truth, an ancient artifact with the power to shatter Valeria's sorcery. In a climactic confrontation inside Valeria's stronghold, the fate of Vendhya will hang in the balance. But when one final betrayal is revealed, Loth realizes that more sinister forces have been pulling Valeria's strings all along. Their epic battle was merely the first chapter in a saga yet unfinished. Throne of Shadows: The Traitor Revealed is a gripping fantasy tale of magic, adventure and valor in the face of expanding darkness. Joined by steadfast allies, one warrior will determine the destiny of a kingdom in the grip of an unrelenting evil.
Published by Mad Cow Press
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