They Hunt by Night

a horror anthology
They Hunt by Night

They Hunt by Night

by Daniel Gonzalez, Elizabeth Hosang, Gary Robbe, John Di Donna, K. Anders, L.A. Selby, L.D.B. Taylor, Lee Allred, Leigh Saunders, Lyn Worthen, Re Gwaltney, Sidney Williams, T.C. Ross, and Tami Veldura
Published Oct 28, 2023

About this Book

History is filled with legends of those who walk among us, living seemingly innocent lives by day, only to transform into fearsome creatures as the daylight fades and the shadows deepen.
These are the stories of those who HUNT BY NIGHT.
Contains stories by Lee Allred, Tami Veldura, Leigh Saunders, L.D.B. Taylor, Sidney Williams, Elizabeth Hosang, John Di Donna, L.A. Selby, T.C. Ross, K. Anders, Re Gwaltney, Gary Robbe, and Daniel Gonzalez. Edited by Lyn Worthen
Published by Camden Park Press
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