Thanksgiving Horror Anthology

An anthology of Thanksgiving stories
Thanksgiving Horror Anthology

Thanksgiving Horror Anthology

by Allisha McAdoo
Published Nov 22, 2023

About this Book

*Warning* This book contains graphic materials that some may not find suitable. Read at your own risk.  This book is an anthology based on Thanksgiving dinner. Often times, Thanksgiving gets overlooked so hopefully this will shed some new light on the holiday. 
Served Cold by Kelly Barker
Feast by Holly Horror
The Pumpkin Pie Man by Jason Jones
The Importance of Tradition by Christopher Besonen
Barnyard Blood by Ivan K Conway
Thanksgiving at the Coopers House by Wade Cox
Uncle Stu's Thanksgiving Turkey by Lance Loot
The Contributor by Chase Will
When Black Friday comes by Jack Presby
Cranberry Sauce by Jason Gehlert
Have Some Turkey by Allisha McAdoo
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