Swords and Maidens

Eleven Tales of Chivalry and Valor

Heroism Never Dies.
Swords and Maidens

Swords and Maidens

by Alexander Hellene, Anne Clare, Blake Carpenter, Declan Finn, Hawkings Austin, JD Cowan, John C. Wright, L. Jagi Lamplighter, Michael Gallagher, N.R. LaPoint, and TJ Marquis
Published Mar 20, 2023

About this Book

From magic battlefields where horses fear to tread, to flying fortresses, fantastical otherworlds, a planet infested with eldritch abominations, and lands ruled by fear, heroes will fight for what is worth fighting for. Knights in gleaming armor, soldiers, Middle Earth’s most deadly Elvish assassin, hunters, and kings. All will risk their lives to defend the defenseless, to destroy monsters, to preserve the lives and honor of fair maidens.

See a soldier fight to rescue a besieged princess from marauding, magitech barbarians, an immortal knight fight for a farmstead, a husband and wife fight for the honor of a fallen comrade against a deadly dragon, a hunter seek to recover a maiden’s stolen soul, an elf defend a woman from assassins, a deposed king fight for his kingdom, and more!

Published by Mistcreek Publishing
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