Soldier of Charity

A Harvesters Series Prequel

Whoever said growing up in the apocalypse was easy?
Soldier of Charity

Soldier of Charity

by Luke Mitchell
Published Jan 25, 2023

About this Book

Jarek never meant to get involved...

Following the Catastrophe, the plan was simple enough. Scavenge for food. Avoid marauders. And above all else, keep his head down. No problem at all. Especially not with a one-of-a-kind exosuit and a cheeky AI companion on his hands. But when Jarek stumbles onto a back alley mugging gone wrong, well... Problems.

The word is out. Young Jarek Slater is packing a serious weapon. The kind he's not ready to use in earnest. The kind that every marauder on the continent would kill for.

And now they're coming to take their shots...
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