Small Gods

Not all gods are big, dangerous ones
Small Gods

Small Gods

by April Steenburgh, Blaze Ward, Erynn Lehtonen, Jamie Ferguson, Jason Adams, Johanna Rothman, John Linwood Grant, Kari Kilgore, Katharina Gerlach, Ken MacGregor, Leah Cutter, M. L. Buchman, Mary Jo Rabe, Rebecca M. Senese, Richard Ed. Jones, Richard Quar...
Published May 30, 2022

About this Book

Small Gods.
They aren't the earth-shakers, but the quiet ones. Or perhaps the loud, brash ones.
We challenged the writers to give us stories without much more than Small Gods.
They came through, as usual, ranging all over the spectrum, as well as all over the emotional map, from the noir of a god created while smoking a cigarette and doing dishes, to the god of pizza delivery (and all the things that might go wrong).
Come take a journey with some of the deities you might not have known until now.
Blaze Ward Presents #6: Small Gods. One of an occasional series of strange and diverse themes, available at all reputable book dealers (and a few disreputable ones).
Published by Knotted Road Press, Inc.
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