Secret Vampire

A man discovers his lover has a hidden secret about her life
Secret Vampire

Secret Vampire

by Frank Arcilesi
Published Apr 11, 2022

About this Book

A novella (14 chapters).

An unusual vampire paranormal romance with twists and turns.

We all have secrets. Some are innocent but some will change those around us if they are known. And so, a man struggles with what must be done after he discovers the secret of his lover’s existence. Emotions about love and hate must be set aside to do what must be done. She must not be allowed to harm any others. He must summon up the courage to complete his mission.


She walked around to my side of the desk and put her right hand over my clasped hands. “Have you not one ounce of pity for me?”

I looked down at her hand gently resting on my hands--so slender and graceful--and felt her soft skin on mine, then looked up at her as I abruptly pulled my hands away from her. “I pity those who so unwillingly gave the blood that runs through your veins. I pity those poor souls. You’re a being that lives in a strange macabre world, not one filled with sunshine, but one filled with storm clouds with blood raining down. Yes, I pity those poor souls whose only mistake was that they ran into you.”

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