Sci-fi Stories - Earth Colonies

10 stories of future Earth colonies
Sci-fi Stories - Earth Colonies

Sci-fi Stories - Earth Colonies

by Barbara G.Tarn, Douglas Smith, Kate Pavelle, Katharina Gerlach, Lesley L. Smith, M. L. Buchman, Mary Jo Rabe, Richard Freeborn, Stefon Mears, and Vonnie Winslow Crist
Published Jul 11, 2021

About this Book

Let's imagine a future where humanity left this lovely ball of atmosphere to colonize the solar system and beyond. Visit the Moon, Mars, Pluto and alien worlds, sometimes meeting non-human life forms.

Ten stories of space exploration and colonization by a batch of talented authors.

The stories:

Personal Rules by Richard Freeborn

It's Lechtenbrink, Libby Lechtenbrink by Mary Jo Rabe

Merry Olde England by M.L. Buchman

Terraforming Eden by Kate Pavelle

Symphony by Douglas Smith

Sail Safe by Vonnie Vinslow Crist

SS Ulysses to the rescue by Barbara G.Tarn

The Yearendtide Tree by Katharina Gerlach

Bore's Head by Lesley L. Smith

My Dead Father's Signal by Stefon Mears

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