Saving Gaige

Can Amelia help ease the grief of the man she loves?
Saving Gaige

Saving Gaige

by Susan Horsnell
Published May 7, 2022

About this Book

Dr. Gaige Adams, a surgeon at a large hospital in Charleston, is lauded for his brilliance and ability to save lives.

But all is not as it seems with the troubled man.

Amelia Cox is a nurse posted to the same large hospital after completing her training.

She is down to earth, independent, and not afraid to take on any challenge thrown her way.

When she discovers Gaige is floundering, and starting to doubt his ability to continue in the medical field, she steps in and offers her help.

Will Gaige emerge from the darkness he has been trapped in for several years, or is Amelia losing her heart to a man destined to always be crippled by grief?

Sweet, wholesome romance.
Previously published as A Nurse for Gaige.
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