A short story collection about revenge


by Allisha McAdoo
Published Oct 16, 2022

About this Book


This story contains graphic materials that some may not find suitable. Read at your own risk.

Malina had been set up by her best friend and fought during a lunch break. The cops were called, her mother was called, and she was sent to the counselor’s office. The office was new, and Malina found a book called Revenge among the counselor’s things. Waiting on the cops, she began to read. The book was quite a shock, and Malina met the new counselor. The new counselor explains that the book is filled with true stories and to write her story in exchange for revenge. As Malina begins to write, she realizes that life would be better without her in it and makes a deal with the counselor. With her revenge underway, Malina begins a new life thanks to the mysterious counselor. 

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