A Rainbow for Menally

A Rainbow for Menally

A Rainbow for Menally

by Meyari McFarland
Published Jan 4, 2024

About this Book

"Menally's dead."

The harsh whisper stopped Imani in her tracks. Her girlfriend, her best friend, dead?

No way. It wasn't possible. Imani wouldn't believe it, couldn't believe it. Especially not when Ping had been stalking Menally for years, trying to claim her as his wife when Menally hated his guts.

But if Menally wasn't dead, and she wasn't, where was she? Finding the answer to that might risk everyone in the dome, possibly on the moon. Not finding Menally might risk even more.

Either way, Imani wouldn't stop until she'd found Menally and brought her home safe.

A Rainbow for Menally is a tense SF mystery that lesbians and queer readers are sure to devour and remember for years.

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