Quoth the Raven

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Quoth the Raven

Quoth the Raven

by A.A. Azariah-Kribbs, Amber Fallon, Amelia Gorman, Aryan Bollinger, Brian Ellis, Chris Abela, Donea Weaver, Edward Ahern, Emerian Rich, Frank Coffman, Gregory Wolos, Hugh J. O'Donnell, John Kiste, Kara Race-Moore, Karen Robiscoe, Ken Goldman, Lauryn Chr...
Published Oct 28, 2023

About this Book

The works of Poe were dark and often disturbing. From dismembered corpses, rivals bricked behind cellar walls, murders in back alleys, laments for lost loves, obsessions that drive men - and women! - to madness, his stories have had a profound impact on both the horror and mystery genres to this day.

In Quoth the Raven, we invite you to answer the call of the raven and revisit Poe's work, re-imagined for the twenty-first century. Here, the lover of mystery and Gothic horror will find familiar themes in contemporary settings, variations on Poe's tales, and faithful recreations of the author's signature style.

Published by Camden Park Press
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