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PubShare Premium Membership

PubShare Premium Membership

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About this Subscription

A PubShare Premium Membership enables both Bookstore Features and Subscriptions Features on your account.

Bookstore Features:

  • You can set up and manage multiple bookstores.
  • You can publish your own books directly to your bookstore.
  • You can allow others to submit books to sell on your bookstores.
  • You can download your customer list to add to your mailing list.
  • You can sell ebook subscriptions from yourself or others.

Subscription Features:

  • You can create multiple ebook subscription products.
  • You can sell your subscription products on PubShare bookstores.
  • You can create weekly, monthly, and quarterly subscription periods.
  • You can even create "On Release" subscriptions for fans to receive your latest work first.
  • Download your subscriber list to add to your own mailing lists.

PubShare takes care of:

  • Fulfilling the ebooks your customers order.
  • Fulfilling the ebooks for each subscription cycle.
  • Billing the customer each subscription cycle.
  • Credit card processing.
  • Tracking sales and VAT taxes.

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