Picking Sides for the Apocalypse

Collected Short Stories

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Picking Sides for the Apocalypse

Picking Sides for the Apocalypse

by Alia Hess, Andre Gonzalez, David J. Schmidt, Derek Shupert, Erik Henry Vick, H.C.H. Ritz, J. L. Stowers, Jon Cronshaw, Ono Ekeh, Sandra Seymour, Steven Faramelli, TZZ Publishing, and Tim Ricketts
Published Nov 17, 2022

About this Book

How will the world end? Come the Apocalypse, will you be ready? Who do you want on your side, and which team will you be on?

Picking Sides for the Apocalypse Choose Your Doom is a collection of short stories set in end times to help you get your priorities straight and answer these fundamental questions.

Team AI:

Angel - A lone fugitive brings with her the threat of pursuit by the state.

The Undesirable Robert Millings - Can a US Congressman's virtual therapist help him survive when his life's work crumbles?

Team Alien: A Poisoned Mind - Jonathon Browne knows the voice in his head. It belongs to his deadly enemy.Mikulás - A ragtag group of alien invasion survivors get help from an improbable source. Team Demon:

The Devil - Robert is a war her on his way down. he's survived addiction. Can he survive his girlfriend?

The Woman and Her Wasps - A thousand years after The Destruction, religion is illegal.

Team Outbreak:

Isolation - Can Genesis escape Regginton Pharmaceuticals and save her engineered offspring?

The Clown Motel at the End of the World - As society falls apart, the dark underbelly of humanity takes over.

Team Tramp:

Paper: Fourteen-year-old Owl Melonvine is devastated that her big brother, Corvin, plans to run away from home.

Prisoner of the Wasteland - A teenage boy is enslaved by a brutal gang and forced against his will to work in their drug factory.

Team Zombie

Survive the End - Frank’s daughter, Eliana, is missing.

Every Dog Has His Day - What if human zombies aren't the only zombies around?


Usher Falling - Tormented souls, violent pasts, and drug addiction. Roderick Usher and his dying sister Madeline have them all.

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