Perspectives, Volume II

An Emergency Medicine and Public Safety Anthology

Stories told from three perspectives...
Perspectives, Volume II

Perspectives, Volume II

by Barbara Jackson, Brian Cameron, Charles J. Herbert, Christopher Ebright, D. LawDog, Dana Racette, Janet Spaulding, Janet Taylor, Jennifer L. Cameron, Jeremy L Meyers, M.O. Guest, Michael McElmeel, Michael Smertka, Shannon Altazan, Steven Kelly Grayson,...
Published Jul 20, 2022

About this Book

Officer M.O. Guest, dispatcher Brian Cameron and nurse Jennifer Cameron  struggle with the emotional burden of a terrible call, powerless to share the details with their families. Paramedic Michael Morse, police officer Mike McElmeel and physician Shannon Altazon labor to save an alcoholic from herself. The public safety community is rocked when one of their own dies in the line of duty. Paramedic Chris Ebright, nurse Jeremy Myers, and physician Mike Smertka struggle with the aftermath of an unsuccessful resuscitation.

You'll read these stories and more in Perspectives, a collection of stories told from the unique perspectives of its three authors. These events are not fictional, but they may have happened at different times, with different patients, at different places. Each one of the authors has had patients just like these, in situations just like those described. If you want to know what it’s like to live a day in the life of a paramedic, or a cop, a nurse, or a physician, you’ll enjoy reading Perspectives.

It’s the same story. On the same night. With the same people. This is what we do, and working with quiet heroes like these is one of the reasons we do it.

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