Painted smiles

Amber finds love and faces strife
Painted smiles

Painted smiles

by Allisha McAdoo
Published Sep 19, 2022

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This book contains graphic materials that some may not find suitable. Read at your own risk. Amber was tired of her life. She was with an abusive boyfriend who couldn’t stop cheating on her. She had a physical disability, and her mental health was rapidly declining. Amber decides it’s time to end it all. However, before she does, Andrew blindsides her with a cruel and calculated move that destroys her world. Suddenly, Amber finds herself immersed in a journey to undo the damage Andrew has caused. She meets Yeema, a powerful monk, and falls in love with him. However, Yeema is not who he says he is, and what he had planned for Amber makes what Andrew did seem like child play. How will Amber survive, or will her blind love end her?

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