The Murders in the Reed Moore Library

A C. Auguste Dupin Mystery

The library cat goes to work to solve the mystery.
The Murders in the Reed Moore Library

The Murders in the Reed Moore Library

by Ryan M. Williams
Published Aug 3, 2022

About this Book

When bodies turn up in the Reed Moore Library's book drops, the library cat, C. Auguste Dupin, goes to work to help librarian Penny Copper solve the mystery. 
As a library cat, Dupin receives the attention and admiration of the public, as one would expect. He allows his human, librarian Penny Copper, to take care of the mundane business of running the library while he reaps the benefits.
Until a body turns up in the large green metal book return in front of the building. Now Dupin must turn his razor intellect to the problem of the murder—or risk further disruption of his routines. A hint here and a clue there should give Penny all the help she needs to solve the murders of the Reed Moore Library.
Published by Glittering Throng Press
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