Love in September

A young married girl tries to maintain a platonic relationship.
Love in September

Love in September

by Frank Arcilesi
Published May 7, 2022

About this Book

A young married girl. A young married girl tries to maintain a platonic relationship with a high school student after a misstep that she regrets. Friendship, love and humor come together in this slow-paced novel as Jimmy and Carol try to move on and get back to what they believe is normal after fate puts them together near Haywood High.

It is the year 1958 as we descend down upon the small conservative community of Lakewood Maryland. Carol, an attractive real estate agent, has married young. She is very religious and attends church regularly. A few blocks away from Carol, the Trenton family also is living a quiet respectable staid existence but soon their paths. 

Excerpt :

“You’re almost there," she whispered. “Pull the straps down, Jimmy.”

“Is this what you want, Carol?”

“It’s what has to be. We both have to resolve something, Jimmy,” she said.

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