Legendary LitRPG

An All Genres LitRPG Anthology

20 Authors, 20 Legendary LitRPG stories.
Legendary LitRPG

Legendary LitRPG

by A.F. Kay, Alex Kozlowski, Amanda Head, Anders Hansen, Cale Plamann, D.C. Haenlien, Dean Henegar, E. Lorenzo Peterson, Gregory Blackburn, Han Yang, Ian Hawk, J. Arthur Klein, Joshua Kern, Ledyr Tabot, Lorne Ryburn, Michael Head, Nicholas King, Noah Drak...
Published Jun 9, 2022

About this Book

Dive into worlds of wonder, action, adventure, and so much more. This collaboration includes short LitRPG stories of all types. 

Warning: Expect stats, character sheets, and experience points. This is meant for the PG 13 audience and avoids intense adult content. 
Published by Royal Guard Publishing LLC
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