Kiss of a Vampire

A man discovers his lover is a vampire
Kiss of a Vampire

Kiss of a Vampire

by Frank Arcilesi
Published Sep 23, 2021

About this Book

A novella (14 chapters)

An attorney discovers that the woman he loves is one of a breed of elite vampires that through evolution and elixirs, lives by day.

After he discovers what she is, she runs away, and he struggles with his emotions, knowing he loved a creature that needs blood and gets it by attacking humans. 


Winter is not my season and killing is not my thing but I realize that each exists and each will have its time in this world. In certain times and certain places, certain inexplicable events can transpire—events that are counter to our beliefs and defy what we believe is logical. Through no choice of our own we are sometimes drawn to negative worldly forces that we have no desire to align our souls with—and then we are forced to participate in events counter to the fiber that creates our being. Then we must deal with them with whatever means are necessary.  

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