Kingdoms Bound: Vengeance of Loth, The First Trio

Where swords clash, magic sings, and heroes rise.
Kingdoms Bound: Vengeance of Loth, The First Trio

Kingdoms Bound: Vengeance of Loth, The First Trio

by Charles Eugene Anderson
Published Nov 5, 2023

About this Book

A collection of pulse-pounding fantasy adventures in the spirit of Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian epics. This volume includes three complete tales following the exploits of the bold warrior Loth on his quests across perilous realms. In "The Sword of the Vanquisher," Loth battles monsters and evil forces to claim an ancient mystical blade. "The Cursed Ziggurat" finds Loth facing deadly traps and sinister magic on his dangerous trek to an ancient temple. Finally, in "Throne of Shadows," Loth must use all his strength and cunning to confront the dark secrets of a shadowy kingdom. Also included is the bonus sword and sorcery tale "Pardon Starshield," featuring a fierce female warrior battling sinister forces that threaten her mountain village. Fans of Howard's legendary Cimmerian hero and classic action-packed high fantasy adventures will love this collection chronicling Loth's heroic journeys through vividly imagined realms of magic and danger.
Published by Mad Cow Press
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