I am the villain

Three women paths collide into chaos
I am the villain

I am the villain

by Allisha McAdoo
Published Mar 23, 2024

About this Book

*warning* This story may have content that some may not find suitable. 
Read at your own risk. 
Akira was born into a world that she didn’t belong in.  She was born with special abilities that kept her from being in a loving family, with friends or a loved one. She ends up fighting for her very survival,  etching her existence as a terror not quickly forgotten. 

Misty was a normal woman who fell in love with the wrong man. Her path merges with Akira’s and together they become unstoppable. 

Dr. Ruby was an esteemed psychiatrist who treated both Akira and Misty. However she becomes addicted to the darkness that surrounds the two women and finds herself in prison. 

When all three paths collide, disasters and chaos are all that remains.
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