A Homewood Christmas

Six stories. Six Christmases. One Savior. One Small Town.
A Homewood Christmas

A Homewood Christmas

by Angie Thompson, Courtenay Burden, Erika Mathews, Hannah Foster, Hannah Gridley, and Rebekah A. Morris
Published Oct 21, 2022

About this Book

Come home to a small-town Christmas through the ages...

The close-knit community of Homewood, Minnesota might not even be a dot on most maps.  But from its earliest settlement to the present day, a warm Christmas welcome and a shining Moravian star have been its hallmarks of the holiday.

Step into the bustle of preparations as a young orphan travels an unexpected path to the Christmas he’s longed for and a boisterous flock of cousins learns the eternal secrets of the Christmas fruit bowl. Follow a wintery road with a widowed mother in the shadow of war and a generous aunt trying her best for her family as they search for a place where they truly belong. Slip into the fire glow next to a lonely stranger with a terrible secret and a hometown girl trying to escape past hurts, and watch Christmas light and love warm even the coldest places.

With so many ways to celebrate the season, one reason undergirds them all—and the Christmas stars of Homewood never tire of telling His story!

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