Can Garro find the truth amongst the lies?


by Connor
Published Sep 6, 2021

About this Book

After 40 years of peace, the Republic has never been more prosperous. Garro attends a festival with other officials. When Garro survives an attack that kills thousands, Garro knows something darker is afoot. Can Garro find the truth amongst the lies? Or will the galaxy burn in a new age? If you love gripping, explosive, action packed sci-fi fantasy stories with epic characters. You will love this book! BUY NOW! The starting point of this thrilling, action packed fantasy and science fiction storyline is Garro: Heresy. The Garro Series: • Garro: Heresy • Garro: Faithless • Garro: Destroyer of Worlds • Garro: Mistress of Blood • Garro: Beacon of Hope • Garro: End of Days

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