Happy Holiday Historicals

a Holiday Hijinks anthology

Holiday tales from days gone by
Happy Holiday Historicals

Happy Holiday Historicals

by Anthea Lawson, Brenda Carre, Chrissy Wissler, Kat Farrow, Lauryn Christopher, Lyn Worthen, M.J. Stoumbos, Melissa McShane, Pamela Love, Rebecca M. Senese, and Susan J. Kroupa
Published Dec 24, 2021

About this Book

Settle in for a long winter's night with stories from holiday seasons of days gone by.
Drift away on the muted, sepia tones of memory, through stories layered with tradition and nostalgia.

Contains stories by Melissa McShane, Anthea Lawson, Lauryn Christopher, Rebecca M. Senese, Susan J. Kroupa, Brenda Carre, M.J. Stoumbos, Kat Farrow, Chrissy Wissler, and Pamela Love. Edited by Lyn Worthen.
Published by Camden Park Press
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