Girls That Glitter

A Nikki Ashburne Short Story

Nikki Ashburne. Drag queen ghost. Iconic Hollywood landmark.
Girls That Glitter

Girls That Glitter

by Dayle A. Dermatis
Published Apr 12, 2022

About this Book

Former Hollywood party girl Nikki Ashburne sees ghosts. In fact, many of them are her friends. Okay, they’re kind of her only friends.

Still coming to grips with her new ability, she meets DivAnita, former (because she’s dead) co-owner of The Glitter Room.

To keep the iconic Hollywood drag bar from being bulldozed for condos, Nikki must help the absentminded but no less fabulous ghost find where she (safely) put the landmark status paperwork.

Another story in the popular Nikki Ashburne urban fantasy series. Come for the ghosts. Stay for the snark.

“Girls That Glitter” was originally published in Fiction River: Tavern Tales, 2017.
Published by Soul's Road Press
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