Ghosts of Malta

Stories about an island and her people
Ghosts of Malta

Ghosts of Malta

by Brena Bock, Cedar Sanderson, D. LawDog, Daniel G. Zeidler, Evan DeShais, JL Curtis, John Van Stry, Kelly Grayson, Kortnee Bryant, Melissa McShane, Nicki Kenyon, and Regan K. Smith
Published Sep 8, 2023

About this Book

 Malta. Alchemists, Saints and Heroes have all made their way to this place, defended its walls, and added to its ranks of ghosts and lore.

Besieged, battered, and bombed, this archipelago has seen every tide of war, turmoil, and more than a few bits of piracy. It's also been the land of courage, resilience, and grace under fire.

Ten authors have set out to bring you tales of the ghosts of Malta past, present, and future. Open the pages and meet the ancient guardians, ghost cats and inter dimensional spies that will be your guide...

Published by Raconteur Press
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