Gap Quest

A Gap Walker Short Story

Daisy Rowe slips between the Gap in worlds….
Gap Quest

Gap Quest

by Dayle A. Dermatis
Published Nov 18, 2022

About this Book

Gap Walker Daisy Rowe uses a liminal space to move between Portland, Oregon, and the magical counterpart of OtherPortland.

Her goal right now, though? Get home from her work at a brewery, shower, and snuggle up to sleep with her partner.

The Lord of UnderPortland has other ideas. Such as sending Daisy on a quest to find something that sounds impossible.

But nothing is impossible in UnderPortland….

A striking new urban fantasy series from the author of the popular Nikki Ashburne books!

“Gap Quest” is part of Uncollected Anthology, Issue 29, Magical Quests.
Published by Soul's Road Press
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