The Games We Play

Stories inspired by Tabletop Roleplaying
The Games We Play

The Games We Play

by Dream Catcher, Ellen A. Easton, Ember, J. Scott Webb, Lavender Todd, Loren Larkin, Mike McGarel, Osvaldo Ortega Chinea, Robert W. Easton, Ronja Ladewig, and Seth Stauffer
Published Jan 16, 2023

About this Book

The worlds of roleplaying and fiction writing continuously cross over. Who hasn't wondered if their campaign wouldn't make a good story? 

Many works of fiction began from gameplay. The Games We Play is a collection of short stories, inspired by tabletop roleplaying games, be those characters, settings, or plots. Inside you'll find wacky adventures, fantastic characters, and epic moments from or inspired by tabletop roleplaying games.
Published by Easton Tales Publishing
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