Fractured Promises

I don't do nice...
Fractured Promises

Fractured Promises

by Aleisha Maree
Published Sep 3, 2022

About this Book

I am Knox 'The Assassin' Ambrose.
I loved an angel, yet couldn't keep her. These hands of mine, they make people bleed. They rain down pain upon sweet pain. Break a man's bones with just one swift southpaw to the jaw. I'm an Assassin of mens bodies and womens hearts.
I don't do nice.
I'm raw, rough and unwavering in my quest to be the best. I feed on my enemy's hate, turning it into power and strength.
I know how to fight with my fists but I also know how to destroy you without a single touch. I fucking clawed my way to the top and that is where I'll stay. No need to seek the warmth of a woman's arms as I had them all falling at my feet, then like a south paw to the jaw she was there.
Stuck in my minds eyes, haunting my dreams and etching in under my skin. The more this new beauty holds my attention, the more I lose of my angel, the one who first saved me. To top it off, she has her eyes, so every time I look at her, I'm reminded of what I've lost. She's taking over my senses and turning my brutal world upside down.
Gone is the Knox my angel loved, instead I'm fighting harder than ever before. Maybe just maybe I can find that love my soul craves. Miss Blue-James; can she accept the monster I've become?
She has her own deep, dark secrets and evil is chasing her tail, seeking to bring her down.
But the evil hell bent on destroying her, hasn't met me yet. I won't fail her the way I failed my angel.
Tick Tock goes the clock.
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