A Dystopian Alien Invasion Adventure

Imprisoned from childhood. Forced to hunt his own kind.


by Luke Mitchell
Published Jan 25, 2023

About this Book

Imprisoned from childhood. Forced to hunt his own kind.

Taught from a young age that his arcane powers were a mark of the demon inside of him, Garrett was given a choice: submit to the Sanctum and earn his redemption by hunting others like him... Or refuse and die.

The bright side? He probably won't live long enough to grow old with his regrets, anyway. But when he's forced to take a pretty new recruit out for her first day on the job, his terminal career plans go sideways fast.

Now, confronted with a startling conspiracy to end the war on demons once and for all, Garrett finds himself staring down one final choice—between the sanctity of his own spirit... and the lives of the entire planet.

With great power, comes a great big pain in the ass.

Grab your copy of FALLEN today for a riveting thrill-ride through the dark underworld of Enochia...
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