Facing the Diamond-Hard Truth

A Cathryn Harcourt Mystery Short

Careless whispers. Murderous intent.
Facing the Diamond-Hard Truth

Facing the Diamond-Hard Truth

by Joslyn Chase
Published Apr 21, 2023

About this Book

At a meeting of her book club on a military base in England, Margot overhears two unseen conspirators planning a murder.
Without enough evidence to take to the police, Margot calls her Aunt Cathryn, a well-known mystery writer, with an invitation to speak at the next book club meeting.
And the enticement of a murder plot to solve.
Will Cathryn sift through the crazy cast of characters and find the diamond-hard truth before the killers claim another victim?
Grab your copy of Facing the Diamond-Hard Truth and find out!
Published by Paraquel Press
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