Doorway in Time

Two Time Shift Western Romance Stories
Doorway in Time

Doorway in Time

by Susan Horsnell
Published Jun 15, 2022

About this Book

Hundreds of bones are uncovered when a mine sealed in the 19th Century is disturbed by an earthquake. Olivia and Callum are tasked with solving the mystery of who the bones are and why they are there. Days later, identities are uncovered. All, except for one skeleton which doesn’t come from the present. The mystery will take Callum and Olivia back into the days of the Old West. A story of cattle rustling, murder and the desire for another man’s wife will unfold. Join the detectives as they piece together the clues and lay the secret to rest.

When young archaeology student, Mitchell, discovers some unusual items while digging up a paddock, he believes it could be a major find. Following his instinct, Mitchell risks his job and refuses to dig any further until Professor Phinneus Groves, the most respected archaeologist from the university, gives him the all clear. Will the find be significant? Travel back in time to the early 19th Century and discover the Legend of a tribe of Native American Indians. Is it here where the secret will unfold?
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