The Devil Is In The Dust

Crime Short Fiction

The Devil Is In The Dust

The Devil Is In The Dust

by Rob Vagle
Published Jul 18, 2021

About this Book

Rob Vagle brings you six gritty short stories in the genre of crime fiction.

Phoenix private detective Guillermo Tavarez seeks not just justice, but also revenge in “A Vulture Waits.”

In the story, “Fleeing,” a mother denies the crimes of her dead son while blind to her own rage at losing control.

In “Confessional,” a ghost yearns to confess his crime to a listenting ear in a bathroom stall.

In a dark, harsh place, “Cat Noir” offers you a cat never found in a cozy mystery.

The story, “Some Unexplained Events On Cholla Road” travels back to the mid-1960s before Roe v. Wade.

And in the final, “The Devil Is In The Dust,” another Guillermo Tavarez tale. This time Guillermo returns to his city in the desert as a haboob and devils of his recent past threaten to consume him.

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