Cromwell's Echo

& More Tales of Surprise & Suspense

Ruthless criminals. Cryptic clues. Suspenseful reading fun!
Cromwell's Echo

Cromwell's Echo

by Joslyn Chase
Published Dec 27, 2021

About this Book

Can Oliver Cromwell's spy from the past help rescue a modern-day snoop from a ruthless ring of criminals?

Can a deaf child's tragedy lead to mercy and miracles?

Can an accidental poisoning reunite a couple of estranged friends?

This collection of short stories by Joslyn Chase will delight you with surprise, suspense, and many a heartwarming moment.

You'll meet spies and the ones who foil their plans. You'll meet a kidnapper whose unsuccessful scheme may be his saving grace. You'll meet a dozen characters just waiting to surprise you when best-laid plans run amok.

If you like suspense served up with humor and happy endings, grab your copy of Cromwell's Echo and settle in for some reading fun!
Published by Paraquel Press
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