Cold Steel and Hot Blasters

The Armaments Issue!
Cold Steel and Hot Blasters

Cold Steel and Hot Blasters

by Blaze Ward, H. James Lopez, Joel Ewy, Leah Cutter, M. E. Owen, Otis Johnson, Philip Kosnett, Richard Ed. Jones, Ron Collins, Sonia Orin Lyris, and Tami Veldura
Published Jul 1, 2024

About this Book

The Armaments Issue. The future isn’t just starships and galactic civilizations. Often, it will come down to the punk on the street with a knife in their hand. Or the soldier fighting for dirt. Ten stories of cybernetic shopkeepers, accidental diplomat warriors, and lost Electronic Beings facing the ultimate test. 

Cold Steel and Hot Blasters.
Published by Knotted Road Press, Inc.
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