Cold Cases

So Criminal, It's Good
Cold Cases

Cold Cases

by Annie Reed, Cate Martin, Christy Fifield, David H. Hendrickson, Diana Deverell, Jason A. Adams, Joslyn Chase, Kari Kilgore, Leah R Cutter, Michele Lang, and Steve Liskow
Published Oct 24, 2022

About this Book

It might be that one case that never closed, that always haunted you.

Or perhaps one that someone dumped in your lap, because new evidence has brought it back to life.


The case remains cold. The clues molding, or non-existent.

But you still move forward, trying to find the answer.

Those who are gone deserve no less.

Cold Cases. Issue number 12 of Mystery, Crime, and Mayhem.

So Criminal, It's Good.

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