The Closers - Part 1

Become a Master Closer … with the Secret Blue Books that Could Double – Even Triple Your Income!

The most famous and powerful books on sales ever written.
The Closers - Part 1

The Closers - Part 1

by Ben Gay III
Published Feb 21, 2023

About this Book

Become a master closer ... with the Secret Blue Books that could double - even triple - your income. 
The Closers-Part 1 is quite simply the most powerful book on selling ever written. With over two million copies sold, it explains selling the way it is, not how some people wish it were. If you have only one book on selling in your personal library, make sure it's this "sales closers bible"! 
The Closers is NOT some hypothetical textbook. NO vague theories, generalities, claptrap, and NO assorted nonsense. Nor is it another "positive attitude" or feel-good book. 
Topics include 
Types of SalespeopleCloser CharacteristicsThe Closers AttitudeTypes of CustomersBasic Closing FoundationWhy Customers won't buy and what to do about it35 Psychological TipsMaster Closer Strategy20 Greatest Closes on Earth15 Objections and 45 Red Hot Closer ResponsesOver 100 More INSIDER "How-To's"
Published by Howson Books: Be Your best Books with LRG Group
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