Christmas Eve at Claredon Hall

A Gothic Romance Short Story

A storm-drenched forest, a mysterious stranger…
Christmas Eve at Claredon Hall

Christmas Eve at Claredon Hall

by Dayle A. Dermatis
Published Apr 12, 2022

About this Book

New town medic Dr. Pierce braves a Christmas Eve storm of howling wind and driving rain when called to Claredon House. A kind stranger in the woods gives him directions.

When Pierce arrives, he meets—and immediately charmed by—the beautiful Miss Larissa Shaw.

But when trapped for the night, eerie events make him question just how much he wants to believe…and just how much Miss Larissa Shaw means to him.

Fans of gothic romance will love this atmospheric and heart-tugging story.

“Christmas Eve at Claredon Hall” originally appeared in Joyous Holiday (WMG Publishing, 2020).
Published by Soul's Road Press
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