Charis Colony: The Landing

A flight from totalitarianism or into barbarism?
Charis Colony: The Landing

Charis Colony: The Landing

by John D. Martin
Published May 9, 2023

About this Book

Dr. Raj Mondal was an enforcer of genetic hygiene laws in the Colony of the Indo-British Commonwealth on the planet Charis. Sentencing genetically inferior men like Mr. Singh to death was just part of his duties. Only, Mr. Singh disappeared, and now Colonial Security thinks Raj helped him flee Mondal´s Landing, the colony´s capital, to join the detested rebels at McGuire Point. Ever paranoid, Colonial Security begins a campaign of terror against Raj and his wife, Shirin, that becomes increasingly direct. Driven to fear for their lives, the Mondals flee to the wilderness, hoping that nothing they´ve heard about the barbarians of McGuire Point is true. Will they escape the grasp of Colonial Security? And will what they learn of their own family histories tear them apart if they do?

"Charis Colony: The Landing" is a love story set against the backdrop of a struggle between liberty and totalitarianism, faith and materialism, on a world with no contact to the ancient home of humanity: Earth.
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